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Battery Barlow-Saxton
Twelve-Inch Rifled Morters

In 1982 volunteers of the Fort MacArthur Museum Association managed to get Battery Barlow-Saxton placed on The National Register of Historic Places as a means of protecting this valuable and one of a kind example of military architecture and engineering. Today the battery remains closed to the public and with the exception of its occasional use as a movie or television set, no one is allowed into the structure.

Like the Hey Rookie Pool, almost every flat suffice of this building is absolutely covered with graffiti and trash. All of the windows of the plotting rooms have been broken and this incredibly valuable cultural resource remains officially off-limits and unprotected by its current caretakers. The association is very interested in working with the Los Angeles Unified School District to develop a proper interpretive plan for the battery.

Tunnel Entrance into the battery

Pit A - Battery John Barlow

Battery Barlow & Saxton from the air

The long view of the battery today

Today graffiti covers almost every wall

Some personal thoughts about this important site from your webmaster…

Battery Barlow-Saxton was nominated for and approved to be added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 9th 1982 as a unique example of a fortification designed for the purpose of harbor defense in the United States. According to the State Department of Historic Preservation and the National Parks Service which oversees the National Register, Battery Barlow Saxton has been deemed to be of enough significance to warrant landmark status.
In the twenty-four years that have elapsed since the battery was selected for inclusion as a historic site, the LA City Board of Education has done nothing to interpret the history, protect it from vandalism, or preserve the structure for study by future generations. It’s a sad comment on the state of our education system in Los Angeles that the premiere organization tasked with the education of our youth can continue to ignore and abuse this valuable historic structure which sits on the campus of one of its high schools.
I would like to encourage you to make your opinion known by writing Roy Romer, the Superintendent of Schools for the Los Angeles Unified School District and let him know what you think, and encourage him to work with the Fort MacArthur Museum to better protect this valuable landmark.

The Guns of Fort MacArthur

    Battery Osgood - Farley

    Battery Leary Merriam
    Battery Barlow - Saxton

         Photos of the battery today
         Battery details

    Battery Lodor
    Battery Erwin

    Battery Eubanks

    Battery 127 (Paul D Bunker)

    Battery 128

    Battery 240 (Harry C. Barnes)

    Battery 241

    Battery 242 (Harry J Harrison)

    90mm AMTB

    155 GPF Mobile Guns

    Anti-Aircraft (Fixed and Mobile)

Missile Systems of Fort MacArthur

    The Nike Program

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