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Veteran Search at Fort MacArthur

The Fort MacArthur Museum is conducting an intensive search for veterans who served at Fort MacArthur. If you or any of your family or friends served at the fort, we are interested in interviewing you about your experience. The personal recollections, and photographs of those stationed here, have become a vital link to the past and can unlock many mysteries. If you are a veteran of Fort MacArthur, and especially if you have served in any of the units below, please contact us at ftmac@ftmac.org

  • Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles (HDLA)

  • 3rd Coast Artillery Regiment

  • 63rd Coast Artillery Regiment (AA)

  • 56th Coast Artillery Regiment (AA)

  • 78th Coast Artillery Regiment (AA)

  • 251st Coast Artillery Regiment (California National Guard)

  • 732nd Coast Artillery Regiment

  • 2nd Battalion 265th Coast Artillery Regiment

  • Battery "E" 52nd Coast Artillery Regiment

  • Battery "G" 49th Coast Artillery Regiment

  • Battery "A" 285th Coast Artillery Regiment

  • 520th Coast Artillery Battalion

  • Company "H" 160th Infantry Regiment

  • 521st Coast Artillery Battalion

  • 522nd Coast Artillery Battalion

  • Corps Area Service Command 1943

  • Corps Area Service Command 1959

  • Company "A" 524th Military Police Battalion

  • Company "C" 53rd Infantry Regiment

  • 1st Battalion 185th Infantry Regiment

  • 1st Platoon, Company "C" 69th Quartermaster Battalion

  • 1st Platoon, Battery "F" 115th Engineers

  • 144th Field Artillery Battalion

  • 145th Field Artillery Battalion

  • Battery "F" 105th Field Artillery Battalion

  • Battery "H" 40th Field Artillery Battalion

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