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Replacement and Restoration of the Battery Windows
Exact reproductions of the original glass and wood windows are being produced at the museum shop.

Late last year, museum carpenter Ralph Medina began work on an exciting new project to replace the windows on the exterior of all the rooms throughout Battery Osgood-Farley. Over the years, many of the original windows had been damaged due to vandalism, and exposure to the elements. Many attempts have been made over they years to produce replica windows with limited success. The old replica windows and some of the surviving originals had their glass plains replaced by plywood or painted to conceal the glass from would be vandals, giving the rooms of the battery a very dark look from the inside.
The new windows are being constructed using a mix of original and replacement material and the replacement glass is about as close as we can find through modern glass inventory. For security reasons, the new glass is media blasted in the museum shop prior to installation. This process allows the light to shine through the glass while at the same time blocking any direct view of interior rooms. So far Ralph has managed to complete and mount three out of the ten sets. During the process, the window sills and frames are also being restored in a way that is sympathetic to the existing
historical fabric.

One of the replica windows prior to removal

A completed window with the glass installed

One of the new windows mounted in the
Officers Day Room

One of the completed new window seen from the inside
of the battery

Continuing Projects

     General Electric GM-12 Generator Set
     60" General Electric Searchlight Project
     Time-Interval Bell for the Gun Pit
     60" Sperry Searchlight Project
     Battery Window Replacement Project

Detail picture showing the new wire
reinforced glass installed at the battery

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