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  • Construction Commenced:
    September 15, 1916
  • Construction Completed:
    October 10, 1919
  • Date of Transfer:
    October 10, 1919
  • Cost of Construction (1919)
  • Construction Materials
    Portland Concrete  - Steel Reinforced 
  • Gun Type and Manufacturer:
    M1910M1 14" 34 Caliber - Watervliet
  • Carriage Type and Manufacturer:
    M1907M1 Disappearing Carriage - Watertown
  • Total Weight of Each Gun:
    410 Tons
  • Radius of Fire
    170 Degrees
  • Number of guns produced: 16
    4 US (Fort MacArthur) 12 Territorial

Battery Osgood during a firing practice in the 1920s

Battery Osgood today

The Guns of Fort MacArthur

    Battery Osgood - Farley
         Photos of the battery today
         Battery Details

    Battery Leary Merriam
    Battery Barlow - Saxton
    Battery Lodor
    Battery Erwin

    Battery Eubanks

    Battery 127 (Paul D Bunker)

    Battery 128

    Battery 240 (Harry C. Barnes)

    Battery 241

    Battery 242 (Harry J Harrison)

    90mm AMTB

    155 GPF Mobile Guns

    Anti-Aircraft (Fixed and Mobile)

Missile Systems of Fort MacArthur

    The Nike Program

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